There is an exciting new campaign with hashtag #hunspanderer in Norway, ment to bring focus on gender equality and discrimination (both male and female)! The campaign is initiated by the Norwegian branch of Young Men 4 Gender Equality and will last from 19th to 26th of August. Topics to be discussed under the hashtag are i.e.:

  • More often than men, women are asked to get coffee and snacks for meetings at work, is that ok?
  • When the kids are ill, it is 10 times more common that women take time of work to stay at home, is that ok?
  • None of the 10 largest Norwegian oil companies have female CEOs. Does it have to be that way?
  • How come some professions are seen as feminine, whilst other professions are masculine?
  • Why is it so much harder for men to get custody of children in a divorce?
  • Why does one expect men to pick up the tab if eating out?

The campaign encourages women to invite a man to a restaurant (and pay:) ) and bring up these conversation topics to shed some light on the underlying structures in our society which promotes gender inequality.

I will take my man out for a nice lunch and great conversation. I encourage you all to do the same! 🙂

P.s. If you understand Norwegian – follow the hashtag #hunspanderer


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